Post Timeline Documentation

Scroll Animation Easing

Post Timeline supports provide multiple options for scroll easing that can be adjusted through the Post Timeline Page.

Animation Easing

The possible options for easing are as follows.

easeInQuadAccelerating from zero velocity
easeOutQuaddecelerating to zero velocity
easeInOutQuadAcceleration until halfway, then deceleration
easeInCubicAccelerating from zero velocity
easeOutCubicDecelerating to zero velocity
easeInOutCubicAcceleration until halfway, then deceleration
easeInQuartAccelerating from zero velocity
easeOutQuartDecelerating to zero velocity
easeInOutQuartAcceleration until halfway, then deceleration
easeInQuintAccelerating from zero velocity
easeOutQuintDecelerating to zero velocity
easeInOutQuintAcceleration until halfway, then deceleration
Easing on scroll

the above settings can be overridden through the shortcode attribute easing.

[post-timeline easing="easeInQuint"]