How to Display Category-Wise Timeline?

Suppose you have created many timelines of different categories. At some point, you may need to filter timelines for a certain category to display on the specific page.

Add Shortcode

This short article will demonstrate how you can filter timeline categories.

Select Category

To filter timelines categories please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin page
  2. Go to the Page you’ll need a timeline for, and click on the “Add Shortcode” to add the “Post-timeline Shortcode Generator“
  3. On the Generate Post Timeline Shortcode Page, You’ll see the “Select” category option
  4. Select a timeline category you wish to display on the page
  5. Press the “Insert Shortcode” button

Once you press the “Insert Shortcode” button, all the timelines will disappear except the ones in the selected category.

Holiday Category