Terms And Condition

See our terms and conditions related to our products, plugins, and other properties.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as it defines your relationship, as our customer, with AgleLogix (“Us”, “We”, “Our”) and any of our products, plugins, properties, etc. In addition, the terms and conditions below outline the scope of what rights if you have a disagreement with AgileLogix or any of our products.

Glossary of Terms

The following nomenclature will be applied for certain word(s) for the entire length of this document:

  • AgileLogix - Will be referred to as “We”, Our” or “Us”.
  • Customers (and their associates) - Will be referred to as “You”
  • Envato market - Referees to or codecanyon.net
  • Post Timeline - Will be referred to as “our product”, “this product, “our plugin”, “this plugin”, “this WordPress plugin” “our Software”, “ this software”, etc.


By downloading, installing, and/or using our plugin you agree to abide by the agreement outlined in this document.

If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, we do not recommend using this plugin.

We have created and tailored our products to exceed expectations and fulfill the objectives, and goals of our customers. However, since every customer has different requirements, we can’t guarantee that our product(s) may meet the expectation of everyone, nor do we guarantee our product(s) will be compatible with other third-party extensions and plugins.

This document will outline the nature of our mutual obligations regarding refunds, troubleshooting, and support If for some reason you find our product unsatisfactory.

In many cases, we can resolve an issue a customer is having within 24-48 hours using our support services


We are not responsible for incompatibility-related conflicts and issues that may arise when using our product with other extensions, themes, or plugins.

Our plugin is purchased from Envato “as is” and without any warranty. We hereby disclaim any and all warranty not explicitly mentioned in this terms and agreement document. This includes but is not limited to the warranties of:

  • Fitness for a specific purpose
  • Merchant ability
  • Any other nature

We are not responsible for any data loss that may occur as a result of installing this plugin. Moreover, our liability for any damages resulting from your usage of this plugin is limited as provided herein.

Therefore, after purchasing our product, you agree to use the product at your own discretion.


If you purchase our plugin from the Envato online market then you will receive free updates for this plugin (for a purchase lifetime). Moreover, whenever we release a new update it will be available for you.

We have an auto-update feature setup in this software so you can even update the plugin from the WordPress admin Page.

We reserve the right to remove this plugin anytime from the Envato market without any prior notification. Therefore, you will receive every update until we manage and sell this product on the Envato market.


You are entitled to 6-month free support with every purchase of our product. An additional 6 months of support can be acquired for a nominal fee.

Our support will be limited to as long as your support period is valid. Once the support period from the Envato market expires, we will not be obligated to provide additional support. However, you will still continue to receive plugin updates.

AgileLogix support email:- support@agilelogix.com


Our product has a 100% refund policy after 1 month (30 days) of purchase in the following cases:

  • The plugin is not usable for you
  • You are not satisfied with the plugin

In both cases, a 100% refund can be issued after submitting a small request form. In addition, you will be asked the reason for the refund, so that we can improve our product.

For a complete refund policy set by Envato market, please see the following Document

Contact Information

For any queries or questions, please contact us by e-mail at the following email address: support@agilelogix.com