Can we change the background color of Timeline?

Yes, Timeline background color can be changed with the attribute ptl-bg-color, add this attribute with the desired color code.

How can we change the sorting order?

Sorting order of timeline can be changed by attribute [post-timeline ptl-sort="1"], 0 is for descending and 1 is for ascending.

Can we add more than one timeline on a page?

Yes, post timeline does support multiple timelines on a same page.

How can I use Post Timeline plugin?

Post Timeline posts can be added through Post Timeline tab, which is similar to WordPress default Add New Post page, for more details, please visit the documentation about how to create Timeline Post.

How can I apply pagination within timeline?

Post Timeline do support pagination through "Load More" button with can be activate either through Post Timeline Settings or through the shortcode below, please visit the documentation about how to add Load More button?.


Getting Page Not Found on Read More button

Getting this error is minor setting problem in your WordPress instance, to resolve it, please follow the steps below.

Goto Settings -> Permalinks -> Select “Post name” Name -> Click Save Changes

If Post name is already selected just click “Save Changes”

Why the vertical timeline is showing squeezed?

Post Timeline requires 100% width so I can appear properly with its complete design, in case if the space is not 100% it may not appear properly.

Why my timeline is looking messed up?

Sometimes your theme or other plugins CSS may override the Timeline CSS rules, so that's not a problem at all, you can email us at [email protected] in that base, we will provide you fix for it.

Which is the fastest way to get support about any issue in the timeline?

The best way to get immediate support about the plugin is by emailing us at [email protected], you can also create a new ticket for it, if you have purchased it.