Post Timeline Documentation

Post Timeline Setting

Timeline Settings Tabs

Explore the wide variety of Post Timeline Features from Basic, Styles, Navigation to Animation and Custom CSS.

Post Timeline Setting

1) Basic:

The basic settings of Post Timeline include Default Post Icon, Post Icon (Enable/Disable), Sorting Order, Post Size, Post Date format, and Post description length.

Post Icon

If you want to see the wide variety of icons on the timeline, you’ll need to enable the Post Icon feature first. 

Display Post Images

To view the Visual Content like images, you’ll need to turn on the display post images feature.

Hide content area

Hiding content area in post timeline is easy, just enable the Hide Content Area feature and it’ll hide the content area from the timeline. 

Upload Post Icon

Upload Post Icon enables the users to select the icons from the font awesome gallery or upload their own icons as well. 

Timeline Type

There are two types of timelines you can create, tag-based and date-based. 

Sorting Order

Arranging posts in ascending or descending order is now quite easy in Sorting Order Feature. 

Post Date

In this Post Date feature, you can select the date format of your post. 

Post Link Type

Use 2 different link types in the timeline post namely the read more button, and the title link option to entice your audience to take action. 

Post Content-Length

Restrict your Timeline post content length via enabling the Post Content Length Feature. 


Add the relevant page slug URL identifier to each of your timeline pages

Select Slide Type

View how your Timelines will be seen on Slide Options such as carousel and pop up slider feature. 

Select Slide Type

Choose how the post will be loaded on the page. 

Social Share Links Settings

Add relevant social media links to your Timeline Pages so users can share your cool timelines 

2) Styles Tab: 

Styles Settings include features Google Fonts, Container Background, Post Background, Heading Font Color, Description Font Color, and Container Background Switch.

Select Font

In this option, you can choose a wide variety of fonts available for timeline text. 

Skin Type

Timeline templates offer two types of skin variations such as dark and light skins for each vertical, horizontal, or one-sided timeline. 

Post Border Radius

You can apply border-radius to the timeline posts easily by going to the style tab on the timeline setting page. 

Line Style

There are 3 different line style types for the Main Line in the Timeline Posts: Solid, Dotted, and Dashed. 

Container Background Color

Turning on this Container Background Color feature will apply a background color to the timeline post container. 

Container Background

Here you can choose from a wide range of colors to apply to the container background of the timeline post.

Post Background

By using this Post Background Feature, You can add colors to the timeline post background 

3) Navigation: 

Navigation Settings has features like Navigation Style Selection, Navigation Color, Load More, Per Page Posts, Navigation Status, and Read More Status.

Navigation Enabled

With this feature, You can enable or disable the Navigation Feature which shows tag-based or date-based navigation. 

Navigation Type

There are 4 types of navigation styles available which can be added to the Timelines 

Navigation Color

Set Colors to the 4 different types of navigation styles based on your theme or timeline color. 

Tag Line Color

You can add color to the Timeline Post Tagline by inserting a color code.

Post Per Page

This feature allows you to limit posts per timeline page by giving numbers based on requirements.


The animations setting provides an option to decide which animation to be applied to the timeline, also you can disable animation using this tab.

Animation Enabled

Enabling this option will allow you to make your timeline post interactive and dynamic. 

Animation Type

There are 10+ Animation options available in the dropdown menu, where you can select your animation to make your post interactive and dynamic. 


Here you can set up the speed of your animation as how fast it would move or work. 

Lazy Load

You can enable lazy loading which will delay images, videos, and content until they’re actually needed. 

Select Loader

Here are 4 different types of loaders available for the animations namely Spinner glow, spinner, spinner bubble, and loader bubble. 

4) Custom CSS: 

Custom CSS has Text-area where you can write CSS to modify the width or height of some elements in the timeline.