How to create Multiple Timelines

The steps to create multiple timelines is pretty simple, there is no extra step other than assigning your posts to a single Category, once all the posts are assigned to that category, we just need to enter the right category ID in the shortcode as described in Post Timeline Categories.

For Example, we want to create to separate Timelines, the first category is Happiness and second once is Sad.

Post Category Example

Now when creating Posts we have to assign the Happiness posts to Happiness and Category Sad posts to Sad Category from the right sidebar. Once the posts are assigned, we need to write two shortcodes on two pages, one with Happiness Category ID and other with Sad Category ID.

[post-timeline category_id="1"]
[post-timeline category_id="2"]

The shortcodes above will render timelines of both pages, one with Happiness posts and other with Sad posts.