Kalalau Valley, Hawaii

Lies on the north-west side of the island of Kauaʻi in the state of Hawaiʻi, the Kalalau Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys you must visit. It is a very peaceful valley and is undisturbed by the noises and pollutions of the vehicles. You cannot reach there in any of the automobiles and the only way to reach there is by kayak or by hiking the Kalalau Trail. And so it is going to be an adventurous and exciting trip you ever have done. Hiking the Kalalau Trail is also popular, but the trail is about 11 miles long, quite strenuous, and can be dangerous at parts. The Kalalau valley’s bottom is broad and relatively flat. Only a limited number of people is permitted to the valley at a time, as it is conserved in an excellent manner by the authorities of that region

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