Create First Timeline Post

Creating a post for a timeline is no different than creating a simple post in WordPress, the only thing which makes the difference is to create Post Timeline posts through its own tab in the side bar.

first timeline post

Upload Timeline Image

It is mandatory that you upload an image for each timeline cost, the Admin user can upload it through “Set featured image”, as shown in the image.

timeline post image

Tag based or Date based

It’s up to admin whether he wants the timeline to be either date based or tag based, the admin has to provide either the right tag or date so based on that, the frontend navigation will render, all the post tags will appear in the navigation of the timeline.

date or tag image

Post Timeline Details

Once featured image is uploaded, timeline post detailed need to be filled in, there are eight fields that include Post Icon, Post Date, Post Tag, Page URL, Post Positioning, Tagline, Post Order, and Post Color. Post Icon and Post Color are mandatory fields, rest of them are all optional. You have to provide either the Tag or the dates so based on that the navigation will work, in the later section of how to write the shortcode, we have provided an example of how to make navigation based on Tags or Dates.

Post Timeline Details

Category Association

It would be better to create a category from the right sidebar and assign your timeline posts to that particular category, it will not only help in creating multiple timelines but will also create a separate filter to search and sort in “All Timelines” section, it Timeline Post are not categorized Admin will not be able to create multiple timelines, as timelines are separated based on that category.

Timeline Category

Once all the detailed of the Post are filled in, Admin user will click the Publish button to save the timeline, once it’s clicked the saved timeline will appear in All Timeline tab.