What is Global Warming

The effects of global warming are the environmental and social changes caused (directly or indirectly) by human emissions of greenhouse gases. There is a scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, and that human activities are the primary driver.

Does Post Timeline support other Types of Post of WordPress?

Yes, Post Timeline does support other post types such as default “post” or any other custom types, in the shortcode, it is important to mention the type of that post type, else it will be considered ‘post-timeline’, to call other types of post to add attribute ptl-post-type, the complete shortcode will be as follows.

[post-timeline ptl-post-type="post" category_id="xxx"]

How can we add pagination for too many posts?

Post Timeline does support pagination through the “Load More” button with can be activated either through Post Timeline Settings or through the shortcode below, once the posts are above the per page limit, the pagination Load More button will appear at the button to Load More items on the page with animation.


Demo of Load More button.

Easy shortcode for the Load More option is provided below.

[post-timeline animation="fade" template="1" category_id="12" ptl-post-load="1" ptl-post-per-page="10"]

How can I customize my Template without modifying core files?

You can customize your Post Timeline Template without modifying the core files of the plugin and would be able to get updates without losing your customization changes. To do the template customization, first, you have to select the right template which you want to customize, for example: if you are willing to do some changes in “Template 3”, you have to copy the template view file from the specified folder.

Folder Path:   "/wp-content/plugins/post-timeline/public/partials"

Template File: "post-timeline-public-3.php" (for horizontal template, copy the post-timeline-public-3-h.php file)

Once you are done with the customization, paste the template file in your theme root directory as shown in the image, Post Timeline will use your theme file and will show the changes.

Modify Template Directory View

My Tag text doesn’t fit in the navigation

Post Timeline have 5 navigation styles, in case your Tag text is greater and doesn’t fit in the navigation text area, you can easily increase the width of the navigation by adding the CSS rule in Post Timeline Settings Custom CSS text-area, the rule to increase the width of the area is as follows.

.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list ul.yr_list-inner li a,
.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list ul.yr_list-inner li a.active{width:155px !important;}
.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list{width:155px !important}
.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list .ptl-btn a{width:100% !important;}

For Navigation style 5, paste the following rule.

.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list ul.yr_list-inner li a,
.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list ul.yr_list-inner li a.active{width:70px !important;height:70px !important;}
.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list{width:155px !important}
.p-tl-cont.timeline_section .yr_list .ptl-btn a{width:70px !important;height:70px !important;}

Timeline Header Post

Vertical timelines do support header posts, to add a header Post in your timeline, create a post using the Post Timeline tab, once the post is created, add the ID of the post into your shortcode with an attribute header.

For Example, [post-timeline category=”8″ header=”12″], the post ID of header post id 12 which we can see from the post edit page URL.

Timeline Header