Vertical & Horizontal Timeline
Plugin for WordPress

Post Timeline is a plugin that allows you to create the most interesting looking social profile timelines and add it to your website or blog. This could be a horizontal timeline or vertical timeline. You can create interactive timelines such as those on Facebook and incorporate the timeline into the lifestreaming on your blog.

Various Layouts

Use Post Timeline to create a timeline in different layout depending on how you wish viewers to experience your timeline. These layout include, horizontal, vertical, right side timeline and left side timeline.


Vertical Timelines

Use Post Timeline to create standard vertical timelines that display your post in the top to bottom or bottom-to-top orientation. Vertical timelines are an ideal timeline format to convey information in order of importance. For example, a vertical timeline can be used for the growth of a business from the bottom to the current state at the top.

Left Side Timelines

Post Timeline can be used to create a timeline with information posted on the left side of the "backbone" of the timeline. Having the option to put all the information on the left side of the timeline allows you to create a visual presentation that makes viewers focus solely on the left side of the timeline for maximum information exposure.

Right Side Timelines

Post Timeline can be used to create a timeline with information posted on the right side of the "backbone" of the timeline. Having the option to put all the information on one side of the timeline allows you to create a visual presentation that makes viewers focus solely on one side of the timeline for maximum absorption.

Horizontal Timelines

Post Timeline can be used to create a classic horizontal timeline that can display information and post from left to right. A horizontal timeline is one of the most popular ways to display information with respect to a point in time. For example, you can use a horizontal timeline to display highlights that happened in your career in chronological order.

50 Timeline Templates

Creating the same type of timeline for each and every occasion can be quite boring and monotonous. Post Timeline understands this issue all to well. Therefore, with Post Timeline, you can use 50 different timeline templates to create unique and different-looking timelines depending on what project you are working on an who your audience is going to be.

Timeline Templates
for Gutenberg

Post Timeline also gives you the ability to create and post a timeline on the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. Since Gutenberg is a popular method publishing method on WordPress, it makes sense to include timelines that are compatible with the Gutenberg editor. As a result, you will easily be able to create 3 timelines on the Gutenberg page editor.

Tags & Dates

Two of the key elements of a timeline are the tags and dates because it is with these two pieces of information that your viewers can grasp where and when an event in your timeline took place. By using Post Timeline, you will be able to make amazing timelines with any tag you need along with a range of calendar dates.

Light & Dark Skins
for Timelines

With Post Timeline you can set the "tone" for your timeline by choosing either a light or dark skin template. By having the correct skin tone for your timeline you will be able to more accurately convey the subject matter of your timeline to your audiences. For example, a light skin tone might be better for a casual timeline presentation, while a dark skin tone may be more suitable for a more serious timeline presentation.

Smooth Animation

Animations are an element that add a bit of “life” to your timeline because they (animations) can turn your static timeline into dynamic one that many of your viewers will be more engaged with. With Post Timeline, you will be able to choose from multiple animations to add to your created timeline. All the animations included are designed to give you a better experience presenting your timeline(s)

More Features

Post Timeline comes with a host of useful features that will enable you to create a timeline that is as close to your vision as possible, and one the will inform and amaze your viewers at the same time.

Video Post

Video Post

A timeline post that uses video(s) as the main form of content.

gallery posts

Gallery Post

A gallery post is one where the main content of the post consists of several images


4 Navigation Style

Display your timeline in 4 different navigational styles that creatively tell the story of your timeline.


Load More

Post Timeline enables you to add more sections to your timeline for a complete and detailed experience.


Date Navigation

Enable people to "travel" through your timeline using calendar dates as a navigating reference.



Style and decorate your timeline using a variety of aesthetic background colors and images.


Tags Navigation

Navigate through your timeline by referring to tags that were assigned to each section of the timeline.


Post Colors

Use a vibrant pallet of colors to create bright, colorful, or formal timelines that are suitable for every occasion.


Date Format

Customize the date on your timeline using different formats including having the month or day in the beginning.



Add text to your timeline using different stylistic fonts named from A to Z to create a visually diverse timeline



Create a unique, and realistic timeline by adding a variety of animation options that'll make timeline dynamic.


Post Order

After creating a timeline you also have the ability to rearrange the posts you have created.



Post Timeline also enables you to add a variety of icons to your timeline posts to brighten things up.



Use an extremely top-rated slider feature to quickly and smoothly "travel" across your created timeline.


Lazy Load

With Post Timeline created timelines you will have the ability to load specific sections of your timeline


Line Style

Post Timeline also gives you the option to leverage distinctive line styles for your timeline posts



With Slug, You can give the timeline a unique identifying part in the last part of the Timeline web address.


Social Share

The timeline you create using Post Timeline is also shareable on various social media platforms.

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